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With a committing and exuberant inception of SUNBIRDFLY, we are one of the rising start ups. Our motto has always been dedicated to creating and nurturing an everlasting business relationship with our prospect clientele. Consistently, focused on excellence through quality, innovation and service, our team has put tireless efforts over the years in creating a product which is a perfect amalgamation of supplement and food, and nevertheless, without any side effects. We bring in the first organic vegan super food: Cordyceps Militaris.

Elucidating on the company’s name, generated from a “Sunbird,” a small bird, which is known to be the son of the Lord of the Heaven and happily spreads love on the earth, inspiring us to lead a healthy lifestyle, with a positive attitude. Indistinguishably, we are the pioneers of a healthy & Holistic & Holistic, and thus are very glad to share our piece of knowledge with you in the form of an organic vegan product which changes your lifestyle into a healthy one. Together we move towards a lighter and healthier body and a peaceful mind in this increasingly super intensive and stressful life.

We use whole fruiting body with no filler starch or grains. Our plant has top grade medical production facility (100,000-grade purification) as we use natural plant as nutritional medium.
Unlike, natural cordyceps, there is absolutely no heavy metal, no preservatives, no chemcial and no artificial additives.

What Makes us different from other brands out there is Having 1.2% of Cordycepin and 16.5% of polysaccharides in our product,as for us giving best quality Cordyceps Miliataris is our highest Priority. In addition, being able to promote a vegan lifestyle and connecting people back to nature is our company’s far-sighted approach.